Jeremy Wilkinson, property manager

"As a landlord in London who owns several properties, it’s nice to have one place to go for almost everything I need. I wish you great success and I will continue using your services exclusively."


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As a landlord in London who owns several properties, it’s nice to have one place to go for almost everything I need. I wish you great success and I will continue using your services exclusively.

Needed a check-out report done, these guys still managed to do such a service on such short notice and even sent it in no time. Worth the money. Very impressed.

Always delivering the reports on time, always doing the service even if on a short notice. Would definitely recommend!

If you need someone to handle the check in/out reports for your property, this is the right company. They've never let me down and I've used them for a while. Always a decent service, and most importantly - reports are always on time.

It was the first time I needed an inventory report done, and I had recently heard of this company so decided to go ahead. I was not let down. Amazing service, everything was punctual and delivered on time.

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  • Best rates and inventory services quality
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Inventory Services London

Welcome to Inventory Services London - Company Information, Service Plans and Contact Details

Inventory Services London provides property inventory services and energy performance certificates. We operate throughout all London areas, mainly within Greater London and the South-East. Our inventory and energy assessment customers include private tenants, landlords, home-owners, lettings and estates agents, and property management companies. We provide a variety of inventory services to suit your individual needs and budget. You can always call us, if you or one of your tenants or clients are beginning or ending a tenancy agreement, or you would like an interim inventory check.

Similarly, if you are planning to buy, sell or rent a property, Inventory Services London can perform an Energy Performance Assessment and issue an accredited Energy Performance Certificate for your property. Energy assessment is required for all homes and properties to be let, bought or sold, due to the European Union Directive from January 2009.

In summary, Inventory Services London offers these services:

    • Professional residential inventories and home inventories, carried out by fully-trained and AIIC accredited inventory clerks. Such services are typically performed for tenants, landlords, lettings and estate agents, and property management firms.
    • Check in inventory reports – a professional report, compiled in the beginning of a tenancy, with the purpose to verify the condition of the property before the tenant moves in.
    • Check out inventory reports – a report done in the end of each tenancy, which helps to see and analyse the condition of the property. When it's compared to the check in report, you can clearly see the differences and resolve any disputes in the end of tenancy.
    • Interim inventory reports – this kind of report is done during a tenancy, when the landlord wants to protect the property from unexpected damage and harm. The interim report done by our inventory clerks shows the exact condition of the property at the moment, and can be compared to the check in report to detect differences and irregularities.
    • Energy Performance Certification Services - assessing the energy efficiency of your property, in order to comply with EU regulations.
    • 24/7 customer support and assistance. We answer immediately to emergency and short-notice calls.

These reports are agreed upon by all parties to a lease or rental agreement. They are independently compiled by Inventory Services London for your protection and security.

Contact Inventory Services London at 020 3746 2546 with any questions you may have, or make a booking for your inventory or energy performance certification service appointment.